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Flowers for Erzulie

Issue 1.1

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A Webzine dedicated to the future voice of poetry

Current Fare~

Page One Poems:
The Orange Exploded In My Hand
~by Ella Bat-Tsion

The King of the World Contemplates
~by Michael Pacholski

Champlain, Branbury, The Lakes at Night
~by Lyn Lifshin

Page Two Poems:
A Curtain of Salt
~by L. Ward Abel

Poems Written in Exile at Lake Morton, NO.98
~by Duane Locke

~by Terry Lowenstein

Page Three Poems:
~by Mike Hession

Vietnems Orphans
~by Philip William Cowley

A Delicate Hysteria
~by J. Alana Hauenschild

Applause is the spur of noble minds, the end and aim of weak ones

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