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Flowers for Erzulie
Submission Guidelines

We accept submissions year round


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~Send between three and five poems, with a thirty-line maximum on each piece.

~Simultaneous submissions welcome if previously notified. Please inform us at once if a piece is accepted elsewhere.

~Please, no rhyming or greeting card verse, and no outdated or archaic word usage. All other forms will be equally considered.

~We accept submissions via email only. Please include all text in the body of the message. All attachments will be deleted without notice. The subject line should read submission/ffe

~We are a non-paying market. This is a site run by unpaid volunteers, who work for the sole purpose of ensuring your work is seen by the public. Though we would love nothing more than to cut you a check, this is simply not an option. The gratification of having your words in print will have to suffice.

~We attempt to respond within one month. If you have not received word from us within said timeframe, please feel free to inquire as to your status.

~We do not provide critique unless specifically asked to do so. We will then do so if time permits.

~Please include a cover letter complete with contact information, your full name as you would like it to appear, and a brief bio including your city, state and or your country of origin. Please note, we do not look kindly upon submissions that arrive with not a whisper as to who you are, where you are, or what you are about. We tend to look at such correspondences as lacking common courtesy, and do not appreciate the gesture.

~Please, do not feel compelled to include previous publishing in the cover letter, as it will not be taken into any consideration whatsoever. We prefer to allow the work to speak for itself.

Please send all submissions to:

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