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Flowers for Erzulie


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Let's face the truth of the matter, poetry as an art form is on its deathbed. The appreciation of modern poetry is largely isolated to the poets themselves.

Our goal here is to reestablish the validity of poetry in the minds of the general public. This site will be exhaustingly advertised for that very purpose, not within the literary community, but within the nooks and corners of everyday locations.

We fully realize that this is a task that cannot be taken on by ourselves, nor are we the only ones attempting to take it on. We wish only to serve as a complement to the many quality forums currently available, both online and in print. We urge you not only to subscribe to as many of these magazines as your resources allow, but to urge others to do the same. When you read your latest copy of one of the many fine literary magazines available in print, leave the copy in your neighborhood cafe or local laundromat, leave it on the subway or on a park bench. In short, make it available to others who might not seek poetry out of their own accord. When you come across a poetry webzine that you enjoy, spread the word.

So please enjoy this site and forgive us for all of the advertising...the price one has to pay when there are no funds available. All we ask in return is that you let others know of its existence, both poets and non-poets alike. We have no hidden agenda, no wicked plans as of yet.

Once off and running, we plan to create an archive for all of the work previously featured. If you would like to receive updates when new poets are featured, please send us an email. Be sure to include "Mailing list FFE" in the subject line.

We welcome all questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, love letters or hate mail. All we ask is that FFE be in the subject line, so we do not inadvertently delete your message. No attachments for any reason.

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to our launch issue. I would like to take a moment to thank all who have helped make this concept a reality, namely all of the wonderful poets who have submitted their work. Special thanks to L. Ward Abel, and Ella Bat-Tsion, both of whom kindly lent their experience and support when they were under no obligation to do so.

Consider this first issue as a sort of aperitif, as we intend to expand, starting with our next issue due out in August. We will actually be shelling out the funds for a domain name of our very own, as we rightly feel that the limited space, ugly advertising, and convoluted site address greatly takes away from the actual poetic expression.

Please take the time to enjoy the very talented poets featured in this issue, and drop us a line with any comments and/or suggestions as to how we might better showcase future poets.

With Much Love,

Your Happy Editor,

J. Alana Hauenschild.

Flowers for Erzulie is brought to you care of
The Laughing Alligator Press.
J. Alana Hauenschild
Philip William Cowley

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