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Flowers for Erzulie
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Poems Written in Exile at Lake Morton, NO.98
by Duane Locke

Observing CÚzannes apotheosis of apples
We saw a man and woman in love.
This love was alive in disconnected thick paint patches.
Colors broken from each other
Were precious in their connect-ness.
Colors that evaded classification turned color
Into apple skin and then human skin.
We observed this love as ardent
As the love in legends: Tristan-Isolde,
Paolo-Francesa, Daphnis-Chloe, Petrarch-Laura,
Dante-Beatrice. We had observed in life
Many couples who called themselves lovers,
But the first time we had actually witnessed lovers
Was in CÚzannes apotheosis of apples.

Duane Locke, Doctor of Philosophy, English Renaissance literature,Professor Emeritus of the Humanities was Poet in Residence at the University of Tampa for over 20 years. He is the author of 14 print books of poetry, and in 2002, added 3 E books, The Squids Dark Ink, From a Tiny Room, and The Death of Daphne. Has had over 5,000 poems published. As of March 2004, 5,113 poems published. Over 2,000 were published in print magazines, such as American Poetry Review, Nation, and Bitter Oleander. In September 1999, he became a cyber poet, adding over 3,000 poems published in ezines. He is also a painter, having many exhibitions, his latest at the city art museum in Gainesville, Florida. Also, a photographer,duane now has over 191 photos in ezines. He does close-ups of trash tossed away in alleys and on sidewalks.

The entire spring 2004 issue of the magazine Bitter Oleander will be devoted to a 92-page interview with Duane Locke and will include a large selection of his poems. Forthcoming in Potomac Review an article by Donald Ryburn on the poetry of Duane Locke.

by L. Ward Abel

Shoreline metaphor
the essence of physics
played out here,
the struggle between
emotion and bedrock
fearing reality,
that reality being water
not land.

We remain tethered
to a minority of space,
all that we see
is less than all,
all that we are
is just beyond view
behind a curtain of salt,

We build up
that which is diminished
to avoid power,
truth as power
a semblence
of solidness
a watery world.

"L. Ward Abel is a life long poet, spoken-word performer and composer of music. He lives in rural Georgia, USA. His poems have been published or are forthcoming in White Pelican Review, Electric Acorn (Ireland), Poetry Super Highway (as a featured poet of the week), Poetry Motel (Wallpaper Series), Wings Online, Literary Potpourri (LitPot) (Anthology), Verse Libre Quarterly, Muse Apprentice Guild, Versal (Netherlands), Prose Toad, Dead Drunk Dublin (Ireland) and Tin Lustre Mobile, among other publications. His chapbook, Peach Box and Verge, has just been published by Little Poem Press

editors note- Please see the Links Page for a direct Link to Little Poem Press, where Peach Box and Verge is available for purchase.

by Terry Lowenstein

the way of tea

more than just
sharing a bowl

careful preparation
centuries old ritual

pattern and form
embrace art

welcomes visitors
as harmony is ensured

by delicate balance

Terry Lowenstein is an editor for the NPAC and is a contributing editor for Lotus Blooms Journal. She also serves as the poetry editor for Twilight Times and in 2004 joined the staff of Adagio Verse Quarterly as a poetry reviewer. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband, two daughters and two cats, Dickens and Emerson. A well-published writer, her day job is writing magazine and newspaper articles that include personal essays, travel articles and book reviews. Terry Lowenstein's work appears in numerous anthologies, journals, ezines, magazines and newspapers throughout the United States and internationally. Recently she was chosen as one of three poets to be featured in a special issue of Lotus Blooms Journal Private Showing. Additional Lowenstein work will soon be released in Mindfire Renewed, Moonwort Review, Adagio Verse Quarterly, Coffee House Poetry- UK, Subtle Tea and two anthologies: Three Chord Poems by Deep Cleveland Press and The Best of Fables by Zumaya Publications.

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